About Compass Point Counseling LLC

Compass Point Counseling LLC was purchased from Dr. Merle Holsopple on July 1, 2017. At that time, we had three therapy rooms and two full time seasoned therapists.  We added a second clinic in Washington, IN, about three months later, which added two more therapy rooms to handle the increase in caseloads. We have hired two more seasoned, part-time therapists and have also started to provide virtual therapy services. Virtual therapy has allowed us to hire the best therapists in the state and positions Compass Point Counseling LLC for future growth. Virtual therapy also allows us to schedule initial sessions within a week, and this is just one of the high standards we plan to continue. When we opened our second clinic in Washington, IN, we partnered with Virtual Consult MD to provide medication monitoring for our patients. Virtual Consult MD is one of the few psychological medication specialists in the area and can assist our clients with all of their psychological medication needs. Virtual Consult MD is also a rapidly growing, privately held company based in Evansville with several psychiatrists and nurse practitioners on staff.


Compass Point Counseling LLC also provides psychological services to local nursing homes. We provide individual therapy to the residents of nursing homes and feel this is an under-served population. We also provide in-service training for the staff to assist them with meeting the special needs of their patients. Anthony has provided these types of services for over 20 years, and we hope to provide this service to more facilities in the future.

At the time of this posting, we are developing our Recovery Coaching Program for our substance abuse clients. Recovery Coaching will assist our clients with reconnecting with the community and coping with the daily stress of recovering from a devastating disease.

Compass Point Counseling LLC has future plans to both expand and improve our services as well as provide the highest quality mental health service in the area.